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Jay Mueller - Making Money on the

Jay Mueller – Making Money on the

Hello everyone. My name is Jay Mueller and I built this site for Mark and Sue. I know what you’re saying already…”what the heck are you writing a blog post for?” Well, to be honest with you, normally I wouldn’t. I have several blog sites on various topics, so I have plenty of writing to do. But the two sites I have put together for Mark and Sue are very special sites for me, for a couple of very close friends.

It was about a year ago when I first met them, although I felt I already new them from the ramblings of Michael “Arkansas” Sutter. You see, Michael is a big story teller (a lot of them even good, lol) and he plays a mean blues guitar, as well as, other types of music. He told me all about Mark and his family, playing with them around Mountain View and at the Ozark folk center. Michael has a way of spinning a tale just like you were there and part of it all (makes some short stories into novels). Micheal told me all about Sue, the firey red head with all sorts of talent bursting out of her. Photography, painting, crafts, teaching music, playing music, ect., ect., ect.

Mike Sutter

Michael knew they wanted websites for their businesses and he also new I built them. He knew I loved music and he knew I wanted to take better pictures. So when I finally met Mark and Sue, we already had a lot in common. We fast became friends and in a few weeks, family. Yeah we talked about websites and I told them I’d put together something for them to look at in a couple months and then we could work by phone and make them just as they needed.

Michael, my wife Lynne and Sue went for a couple of hikes in the mountains just for picture taking…well at least for Sue and me (Jay Mueller), Michael and Lynne were busy falling in the creek and exploring. It was a very special time and I can’t wait for our next trek.

On my last visit, Mark invited me out for breakfast and we had a real nice chat. Then he invited me to sit in the control room during a recording session with an up and comer. Talk about fun for me. Mark was showing me how all the equipment worked, we listened to the music and talked about how it sounded, if the timing was right or needed to change, it was just plain interesting for me. I hope I get to learn more about the recording studio part of the music business. It wasn’t all work though, Mark has many tales about the music business which he grew up in and I got to hear a few. There’s a good one about Marty Stuart, Johnny Cash, Mark and the super-bowl…..

I know Mark is going to pen some more of those stories here on the site, so be watching for them. There will be more blog posts coming on both of their sites now that Sue has DSL at the house (yes, Sue is the computer geek of the family).

So start coming to both of their sites and see want is going on. WE plan to get get some music for sale here on this site and of course put up more of Mark’s stories. On Sue’s site you can expect more and more of her special photos. She has not stopped taking pictures, she just got slowed up with her low speed connection that made her email seem like snail mail.

Jay Mueller

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