Mark Jones – Banjo Lessons Anyone?

Learn to Play Banjo with Mark Jones

Mark Jones, Danny Dozier, Ramona Jones, Alisa Jones Wall, Ruth McClean, Ron Wall, Larry Sledge, Greg DavisMark Jones Music Lessons – Check us out as we build the site.

Everyone that comes to this site knows that my wife and I run a recording studio and I play the Clawhammer style banjo as well as other musical instruments. You probably know that I still play with my mom and the Jones Family Band, like at the Annual Grandpa Jones Tribute Show last September at the Ozark Folk Center here in the photo (with Mark Jones, Danny Dozier, Ramona Jones, Alisa Jones Wall, Ruth McLain, Ron Wall, Larry Sledge, Greg Davis). But, many of you don’t know that I actually have a job. I make a regular paycheck working in the Music Department at the Harrison, Arkansas Independent Living – Employment Training Center. We provide assistance and training for people with learning disabilities to help them develop useful skills which they can use in everyday life that most of us just take for granted. This training can allow these folks to become fully independent with skills to contribute to the local community. What I noticed is that everyone likes music even if they can’t play.

That got me to thinking that maybe other folks would like to learn some music skills, particularly Clawhammer or Frail Style Banjo like I learned from my dad. This is the same style he made famous with his big recording hit of “Mountain Dew” that just about everyone has heard at one time or another in their life.

At dinner one night I was discussing this idea with a friend of mine (Jay Mueller) and about how I could market classes to a lot of people instead of one on one personal lessons. What we came up with is actually a couple things. First I am going to do training videos at Introduction to Banjo, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. But, to do the videos you really need to do an outline of what technical skills I need to teach and what songs and how many I’ll teach at each level. It seems simple, but it takes a lot of time figuring out a good balance of true classroom training and fun (playing) training.

I think we have come up with a good plan. The Introduction to Banjo will teach you the banjo parts, the playing styles, and what to expect in the lessons. Then go into basic Clawhammer (Frail) style banjo skills, tuning, and your first song “8 More Miles to Louisville”.

Then in each of the following levels, I’ll add technical skills a little at a time and teach 3 songs per level. We will be offering a choice of online videos or DVD’s and you can purchase one level at a time or all at once.

Jay has agreed to build me a separate website at a reduced rate so we can keep the costs down low enough so anyone can afford these lessons. He is doing all the webmaster stuff like finding the best name for the site, as well as, Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Optimization…whatever that is. He’ll also build me a logo I can use on a business card and in a header for the website. I’m glad he is doing this stuff instead of me.

This whole thing is a few months away yet, but I thought I’d let ya’ll know about what is happening behind the scenes here. I would also like to hear about what you think about this new endeavor. So please leave a comment or ideas you may have to improve what we have planned so far.

Jay is also going to create a teaching series of posts for his Internet Marketing and Mentoring website readers. So if you are technical minded or just want to follow how Jay creates a site, follow along on his Making Money on the website as well.

I’ll keep you up to date here in the blog as we move through the whole process.  Talk to your soon.

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