Mark Jones, Hand Made, One of a kind Jewelry

Jewelry – Individual Craft Pieces

Mark Jones Jewelry

Many times when you are a musician, you will hear the phrases, “You are so talented. You can just play anything. You have such a gift. All you need to be doing is playing, that’s what you really know how to do.”

I agree with all these things to a point. However all of that God given talent, and it is that!, was developed with many many hours of hard work, sacrifice, and concentration. What is not realized, many times, is that someone who can play a musical instrument, write or sing a song, compose a beautiful piece of music, very often feel displaced in the so called, “REAL WORLD.”

It is often that artistic talent that makes a person continually reach for some other outlets for their artistic ability to shine.

Mark Jones Hand Made Jewelry

That is what Mark Jones has found in his beautiful, hand made jewelry. Each piece is unique, once it is sold, that’s it! It’s done! Check them out, and get your own. They are listed under our JEWELRY PRODUCTS PAGE.

Most necklaces can be worn by either male or female and they are adjustable in length to fit any size.

They are a combination of glass beads and wooden beads with a hand picked, natural rock pendant, wire wrapped for completion.

Check it out and order one for yourself.

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One thought on “Mark Jones, Hand Made, One of a kind Jewelry

  1. Mark these look really nice. You did a good job taking the photos. Good idea to put them up on the website guys and a good writeup Sue.

    I’m going to get some of these when I come out to visit.


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