Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – George McCormick

George McCormick

Mark Jones, George McCormick and Grandpa Jones

Mark Jones-George McCormick-Grandpa Jones

There is an old saying that says, “Behind every good man is a good woman.”   In the music business, behind every good entertainer, there is a group of good musicians.  Behind every comedian, there is a good straight man.  Having said all of this, when I think of Grandpa Jones, my father’s career, I think of George McCormick.  He worked with my dad for many years.  George McCormick was like dad’s third hand.  If he forgot a joke or words to a song, George would feed him the lines, under his breath.  If dad broke a string on his banjo, George would have the string changed and tuned before the next song was over.  Whatever was needed, George was there. Continue reading

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