A Saturday Lunch With Mark Jones and Marty Stuart

My Friend Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart As many of you may already know, I consider Marty Stuart to be one of Nashville’s very best entertainers, but more important than that, one of my dearest friends.  We both grew up on the Opry and had many good times together.

One of those times was in the same old white van that I talked about in my Memories and Practical Jokes post. After a Friday night at the Opry, Marty Stuart and I ended up at his apartment.  We spent the entire night visiting and picking. Before long, we realized Saturday Morning had rolled around.  We decided to go downtown for an early lunch.  We were both working the Opry again that night.  Marty Stuart was working with Lester Flatt at that time and I was doing a Kellogg Cereal Commercial with the Willis Brothers. Continue reading

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