Mark Jones Music Lessons

Mark Jones Music Lessons!

Learn to PLay Clawhammer Banjo with Mark Jones Music LessonsThis is just a note to remind you that my new website “Mark Jones Music Lessons” is up and running in it’s basic format.

I will be posting the follow-up stories to the “Banjo Lesson’s Anyone?” post below on the new page instead of on the Recording Studio site.

Mark Jones Music Lesson’s Site
And his Claw-Hammer Banjo Lesson’s Videos

Once we have the site up and running and Mark Jones posts his Banjo Videos, we will be inviting  other musicians who want to teach their instrument via videos to join us and make this a good place to learn how to play music, enjoy it and share it with others. We think the music is an escape for everyone in these hard times. Music is something that everyone enjoys. To be part of it by playing with others is a true meaning of joy. It is fun for the players and fun for the listener.

I have posted my second update here:  Mark Jones Music Lessons

Here are a list my webmasters posts about my site:

Follow along on both of our sites to learn how we interact and what work is involved from the builder and the client.


My Webmaster is: Jay Mueller | Making Money on the                                Jay Mueller | JayLynne Enterprises

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Mark Jones – Banjo Lessons Anyone?

Learn to Play Banjo with Mark Jones

Mark Jones, Danny Dozier, Ramona Jones, Alisa Jones Wall, Ruth McClean, Ron Wall, Larry Sledge, Greg DavisMark Jones Music Lessons – Check us out as we build the site.

Everyone that comes to this site knows that my wife and I run a recording studio and I play the Clawhammer style banjo as well as other musical instruments. You probably know that I still play with my mom and the Jones Family Band, like at the Annual Grandpa Jones Tribute Show last September at the Ozark Folk Center here in the photo (with Mark Jones, Danny Dozier, Ramona Jones, Alisa Jones Wall, Ruth McLain, Ron Wall, Larry Sledge, Greg Davis). But, many of you don’t know that I actually have a job. I make a regular paycheck working in the Music Department at the Harrison, Arkansas Independent Living – Employment Training Center. We provide assistance and training for people with learning disabilities to help them develop useful skills which they can use in everyday life that most of us just take for granted. This training can allow these folks to become fully independent with skills to contribute to the local community. What I noticed is that everyone likes music even if they can’t play. Continue reading

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A Saturday Lunch With Mark Jones and Marty Stuart

My Friend Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart As many of you may already know, I consider Marty Stuart to be one of Nashville’s very best entertainers, but more important than that, one of my dearest friends.  We both grew up on the Opry and had many good times together.

One of those times was in the same old white van that I talked about in my Memories and Practical Jokes post. After a Friday night at the Opry, Marty Stuart and I ended up at his apartment.  We spent the entire night visiting and picking. Before long, we realized Saturday Morning had rolled around.  We decided to go downtown for an early lunch.  We were both working the Opry again that night.  Marty Stuart was working with Lester Flatt at that time and I was doing a Kellogg Cereal Commercial with the Willis Brothers. Continue reading

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Memories and Practical Jokes with the Smathers

Smathers Family Clogging Group

Smathers Family Clogging Group

As I look back at my life, through all the crazy years of growing up, I realize that all my friends and I had one thing in common; Our lives were NOT normal!  We did, however, have quite a few things in common. We were raised at the Grand Ole Opry or in the back seat of a car, riding 500 hundred miles, right next to or under a bass fiddle.  Sometimes we were riding on the top bunk of a camper or motor home.  Whatever the case, our common bond was…Entertainment.

There was so much comradery and respect between our parents, that I think it rolled down to our generation.  Along with comradery and respect came a lot of practical jokes. Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Hand Made, One of a kind Jewelry

Jewelry – Individual Craft Pieces

Mark Jones Jewelry

Many times when you are a musician, you will hear the phrases, “You are so talented. You can just play anything. You have such a gift. All you need to be doing is playing, that’s what you really know how to do.”

I agree with all these things to a point. However all of that God given talent, and it is that!, was developed with many many hours of hard work, sacrifice, and concentration. What is not realized, many times, is that someone who can play a musical instrument, write or sing a song, compose a beautiful piece of music, very often feel displaced in the so called, “REAL WORLD.” Continue reading

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Jones Recording Studio has a couple of specials going on. Click below..

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – George McCormick

George McCormick

Mark Jones, George McCormick and Grandpa Jones

Mark Jones-George McCormick-Grandpa Jones

There is an old saying that says, “Behind every good man is a good woman.”   In the music business, behind every good entertainer, there is a group of good musicians.  Behind every comedian, there is a good straight man.  Having said all of this, when I think of Grandpa Jones, my father’s career, I think of George McCormick.  He worked with my dad for many years.  George McCormick was like dad’s third hand.  If he forgot a joke or words to a song, George would feed him the lines, under his breath.  If dad broke a string on his banjo, George would have the string changed and tuned before the next song was over.  Whatever was needed, George was there. Continue reading

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Guest Post from Jay Mueller – WebMaster

Jay Mueller – Webmaster

Jay Mueller - Making Money on the

Jay Mueller – Making Money on the

Hello everyone. My name is Jay Mueller and I built this site for Mark and Sue. I know what you’re saying already…”what the heck are you writing a blog post for?” Well, to be honest with you, normally I wouldn’t. I have several blog sites on various topics, so I have plenty of writing to do. But the two sites I have put together for Mark and Sue are very special sites for me, for a couple of very close friends.

It was about a year ago when I first met them, although I felt I already new them from the ramblings of Michael “Arkansas” Sutter. You see, Michael is a big story teller (a lot of them even good, lol) and he plays a mean blues guitar, as well as, other types of music. He told me all about Mark and his family, playing with them around Mountain View and at the Ozark folk center. Michael has a way of spinning a tale just like you were there and part of it all (makes some short stories into novels). Micheal told me all about Sue, the firey red head with all sorts of talent bursting out of her. Photography, painting, crafts, teaching music, playing music, ect., ect., ect. Continue reading

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Marty Stuart – Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions – Release


Marty Stuart
Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions
Release date: August 24, 2010

(Nashville, Tenn.–May 11, 2010) GRAMMY-winner and American music icon Marty Stuart is set to release a traditional country album GHOST TRAIN: THE STUDIO B SESSIONS on August 24, 2010. With his 14th studio album, Stuart steadily continues to lead the charge in preserving the roots, culture and history of traditional country music. Continue reading

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Working with Earl Scruggs at the Grand Ole Opry

Mark Jones and Earl Scruggs

Mark Jones and Earl Scruggs

Mark Jones and Earl Scruggs

My first experience on the Grand Ole Opry stage was when I was fifteen years old.  I had gone down to the Opry with Mom and Dad, who were both playing that night.  I was in Earl Scruggs dressing room backstage visiting with a friend of mine, Jody Maphis, who was playing drums with Earl Scruggs, when Earl turned to me and asked me to come out on stage and play with them. Continue reading

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